Where in the world is T3 Expo?

Almost five years ago now, we launched T3 Expo with the hopes of introducing exciting new event branding and structural design and furnishing options to the event world, creating straightforward and equitable pricing models, and providing personalized service solutions to tradeshow and corporate event managers. Ever since then, we have been focused on tackling these objectives while simultaneously building our company, investing in our team, and developing a loyal and distinguished client base, including such organizations as Salesforce.com, Amazon, and HENAAC.

While we have encountered much success - opening our new headquarters in the Boston area as well as our second office and production facility in San Francisco, we are continually looking for new ways to expand our reach and to simply spread the word about our capabilities.

In keeping with our recent theme of “expansion,” T3 will be extending its presence in the social media space and will be utilizing various platforms, including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, to become a bigger part of the existing exhibition and trade show community. We realize the importance of these social channels and are looking forward to relaying engaging exhibition industry news, sharing company updates and innovations, and discussing relevant topics with our followers.

From here on out you will no longer have to wonder…where in the world is T3 Expo? In the coming months, T3 will be embarking on the Salesforce 1 World Tour, which will take us across the United States and into Europe, and we are starting to begin work on Amazon in San Francisco, as well as various association events across the country – all of which we plan to share via social media. And while springtime is always a busy season for us, we promise to stay in touch!