What are you grateful for in your new routine?

The world around us is changing and so are our day-to-day routines. Since we are all working from home, we asked our team what their favorite part of their routines are. From spending more time with family to getting outside, our team is trying to make the best out of their stay at home time.

We asked some T3 Expo team members what they have appreciated during this time, and here is what some of our people are grateful for.

“Having Elway, my dog, on my lap every second of the day.” – Angela Malick

“Slowing down and being able to take the time to refine my skills and learn new ones. Also, spending more time with my nine month old daughter and seeing her crawl for the first time!” – Ashley

“Taking a break with a cup of tea and exploring LinkedIn Learning.” – Carolyn Lagstrom

“Getting extra time with my puppy.” – Colby Avery

“Since I usually work from home, not too much has changed for me these days. One thing that has changed is my home office now doubles as a classroom, which is also my favorite part.” – Frank West

“Working with my dog and having fresh pour over coffee as I start my work each morning.” – Gabriel O’Neill

“No commuting, which frees up a total of one hour per day. I've replaced my morning commute with sitting on my deck enjoying my coffee and nature. The evening commute has been replaced with going on walks with my daughters.” – Iraida Lambert

“Since I work from home normally, my routine hasn't changed aside from the fact that I am now also homeschooling a 3rd and 6th grader.” – Jill Burns

“Having less of a routine, coordinating four different schedules and making sure everyone is where they need to be every morning and evening can be stressful. Less stress equals a happier family.” – Jocelyn Souto

“With everyone being home (my wife and kids), we all have breakfast together and it’s not as quiet as it used to be.” – John D’Amico

“Having breakfast and lunch with my girls everyday has been great! Cutting my own hair. Not so great.” – Joey Dodson

“Not rushing my 5yr old out the door every morning. Flipside, homeschool is HARD!” – Julie Sifford

“Being able to squeeze my workout in midday instead of early morning or late night because I am in the office all day.” – Kasey Webb

“Slow mornings. What used to be a rush to make sure everyone had what they need to get out the door and off to daycare and work quickly turned to hanging out in our pjs a little while longer, enjoying that first cup of coffee while playing with my son.” – Kelise Centola

“Being able to work from home with my girls (also not having to get up at 4:30 to get to the gym” – Kerri Brainard

“Since I am not commuting anymore I’ve found extra time to take longer walks and explore my neighborhood. I’ve been able to help my elderly neighbor and take their white lab with me on my walks. We find something new to see everyday and have even found some hiking trails.” – Kim Miller

“Getting to eat lunch with my whole family while we play Nines (card game)” – Leslie Howard

“Working with my cat/assistant, Batman!” - Matt Viera

“Working from home usually means sleeping in later than normal and some days rolling out of bed and getting right to work. I’m home with my 3 children which can be a bit stressful and chaotic at times but I’m truly enjoying this bonus time I get to spend with them. We are making lot of memories together.” – Monica Raposa

“I enjoy the limited commute of our new work schedule. Also I enjoy finding more things to add into my routine, such as nature walks and reading.” – Nick Venturo

“Cooking meals for family and loved ones and delivering them.” – Patrick McGlynn

“After I get the kids up, dressed, and fed I don’t need to scramble to get them to preschool. I also tend to now talk to everyone on a more regular basis rather than just our ops team in the office. I get more interaction right now with people who I may have only spoken to once a week previously.” – Pete Crepeau

“Our family lunches. It’s fun to sit down each day and have a sandwich together before we send the toddler off to nap time (which is my 2nd favorite part of the day).” – Rainey Schwab

“Being able to utilize my lunch break for at home workouts and going for hikes.” – Sarah Besse

“My commute went from 45 minutes one way to a short walk to the living room where my new office is I get to workout during my lunch break or go for walks around the neighborhood
Spending more time with my pet” – Sarah Lilley

“Being with my kids all day every day is pretty awesome…of course it’s definitely a challenge to be homeschooling while working, and they drive me crazy at times, but it’s been nice to slow down and not have to rush all over the place all the time. Never having to get dressed if I don’t feel like it…sometimes I stay in my pajamas all day” – Tanya Oldham

“Weekly virtual happy hours. Still being able to see clients, team mates faces when we aren’t able to travel together.” – Velma Louie