Weather disasters create a tough events season

Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Jose and Maria have all wreaked havoc on those living in the affected areas. People’s lives have been turned upside down, and some areas of the country and the islands are still not back up and running.

So many industries, including the events and tradeshow industries were impacted—and the domino effect that these weather-related issues have created has been horrible.

Our industry not only had to cancel some of its events that had been planned for months and years, but also there was a tremendous impact on shipping, freight and transportation. Booths, signs and people had to be rerouted from one place to another. Things had to be tracked, found and re-directed to new locations.

As the storms created damaged transport infrastructure across the U.S and the Caribbean islands, many experienced delays and backlogs in receiving their booths, signage and other materials to make “the show go on.”

Several organizations – not even in the paths of the hurricanes- lost shipments and experienced blocked shipping routes, causing a ripple effect across the country.

We connected with many of our employees, clients and partners to make sure, first, everyone was safe and OK from the storms. Safety was our number one concern and priority. Second, we wanted to make sure we had answers and solutions to everyone’s questions regarding any weather related issues.

For some of our clients, entire shows had to be cancelled and we had to reroute shipments to the another part of the country.

We have experienced this before with snowstorms and other hurricanes, but we haven’t seen it to the magnitude that was did in the months of August and September.

What we realized was that our employees, customers and vendors craved the most during this time was ongoing and frequent communication that helped everyone manage expectations, address the uncertainties and sooth the anxieties. We were there to help be proactive and work to get things back on track in the best way we could and to be a strong partner.

The effects of the recent weather events could possibly have an impact on certain ports and areas of the country – including Puerto Rico --for quite some time. T3 Expo is committed to getting back on track and keeping the lines of communication open for our clients.

We plan for risk the best we can, and will continue to learn and plan for other potential issues that might come up in the future. And, we are grateful to our clients for helping the industry try to get back to business as usual.