Using corporate design strategy to bring brands to life

Do you know how many TV channels there are today? According to the Federal Communication Commission there are about 1,783 full power licensed UHF and VHF commercial and educational television stations operating in the U.S. In 1969 there were three.

Do you know how many trade shows and conferences there were where in 1969? There were definitely not as many as there are today! According to the Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR) there are over 9,400 tradeshows, conferences and corporate events in the U.S. 

Today, people are short on time and have so many things to do. We have a new normal that we are all trying to embrace: the feeling of suffering from time poverty or being time starved. We are even walking 10 percent faster than we did a decade ago.

And, as we know in the events industry, every event competes with other events—they compete with people’s schedules, travel, meetings, calls, vacation, podcasts and pilates. People are busier today than ever before.

It is no surprise that tradeshow attendees want to participate and attend events that are going to be worth their time and will be a memorable, even shareable, experience. In the same respect, non-profit associations, corporate organizations or exhibiting companies want to demonstrate their brand the best they know how- and want it to come alive on the show floor.

In order for organizations to compete in today’s market effectively, they must build a meaningful brand and promote it relentlessly. Events don’t have to be good anymore --they have to be amazing. They have to provide value derived from education, entertainment and convenience.

Last year, T3 Expo announced that it had been selected as the official service contractor by the International Association of Exhibitions and Events™ (IAEE) as the official general service contractor (GSC) for Expo! Expo!, the organization’s annual meeting & exhibition. In 90 years, T3 Expo is one of only four general service contractors to have ever been awarded the contract.

Organized in 1928, as the National Association of Exposition Managers to represent the interests of trade show and exposition managers, the IAEE is still the leading association for the global exhibition industry. Today, IAEE represents over 12,000 individuals in 50 countries that conduct and support exhibitions around the world.

When IAEE hired T3 Expo, it was to help transform Expo! Expo! by using corporate branding and event design tactics to showcase the IAEE brand, and create journeys which would lead to shareable moments for attendees.

“T3 Expo has a Customer Service Model that we implement for each client: Discovery, Design and Execution. When we went through the Discovery process with IAEE, we learned that they wanted to incorporate some design tactics employed by corporate event teams. T3 works with a number of large corporations that host not only large annual events, but produce road shows to bring scaled brand experiences to different markets. These events must reflect the brand appropriately; they must own the space; they must have various journeys apparent for attendees; they must provide creature comforts, valuable education and networking opportunities and; they must provide some form of entertainment or wow factor that will keep them talking about the event when they get back to the office,” said Chris Young, chief creative officer, T3 Expo. 

T3 Expo went through all of the details that make corporate events so successful with the IAEE marketing team. Chris worked with the team to incorporate strategies and tactics used to create successful corporate events such as establishing personas, recognizing stakeholders, understanding goals, identifying attendee journeys, branding opportunities, engagement zones, to ultimately creating successful events that can be tracked and measured.

IAEE was on board! And in December 2018, it all came alive!