T3 Expo Launches T3 Tracker App, Solving ‘Last Mile’ for Shipment at Tradeshows

Today, T3 Expo launched its innovative app, T3 Tracker. http://bit.ly/2p3eIZ1

Check out the press release and some press coverage too! http://bit.ly/2orbcK0

Why is this so important for T3 Expo and our clients? Have you ever been working at an event and a sign or a box is missing? How daunting is it to then try and find it among the millions of other boxes and shipments in the halls of the tradeshow?

What if you had a mobile app that solved the continued frustration that numerous marketing executives and event coordinators have felt when trying to locate goods that have been shipped to a tradeshow? 

In the hustle and bustle of big tradeshows, various deliveries are just “dropped” at the tradeshow location with hundreds of thousands of other deliveries. Up until now, marketers, and corporate executives have been without the ability to locate or find what has been delivered by FedEx, UPS or the US Postal Service on the convention show floor in an easy, hassle-free and systematic way.

T3 Expo together with Intelligent Product Solutions (IPS), collaborated to pioneer a new app called Tracker that provides visibility into where packages are, while creating an easy way to ship items back to where they need to go!

With the introduction of its new app, the T3 Tracker, the technology is able to pick up where a mail carrier leaves off at the tradeshow convention center.

Prior to Tracker, customers would ship their packages to a convention center’s central receiving location where they are left by a mail carrier.  This can cause confusion and anxiety that a package has been delivered to a building that can be over a million square feet. With Tracker there is a faster turn around and greater sharing of accurate information, and ease of tracking—all delivering peace of mind for any tradeshow organizer.

Tracker begins after the mail carrier marks tradeshow packages as delivered. Tracker then promptly starts providing information on the delivered packages’ location en-route to the specific tradeshow booth, the condition the package is in and when it will arrive directly to the booth.

The mail carrier’s tracking number is associated with the Tracker number and uses a custom application built by IPS so that show managers know the status of their valuable assets.