Together T3 Expo & ServiceNow take Knowledge14 to the next level

With ServiceNow’s Knowledge14 event at the Moscone Center behind us, we wanted to take a minute to acknowledge all the hard work that went into pullingT3 ServiceNow off one the largest gatherings of IT professionals.

Last year, the event took place in a smaller ballroom at a Las Vegas hotel, and this year, Knowledge14 took place in all of Moscone South and West. So, along with the typical amount of planning that goes into an event of this size, we had the additional opportunity to help guide our client in the transition to a large convention center space. The T3 Expo team is proud to have helped our client achieve their branding vision while delivering our logistical expertise during their rapid growth into Moscone West and South.

One of the biggest branding pieces for the event, which speaks to the success of ServiceNow, was the large window branding we installed to the Moscone West windows. In addition to the window branding, our creative team did an excellent job of identifying unique opportunities for ServiceNow, including branded and functional lounge areas equipped with outlets, designated charging stations, large-scale graphic signage, partner booths, and many other custom structural builds.

We enjoyed working with ServiceNow on Knowledge14 and look forward to collaborating with them in the future!

Next up, Netsuite!

Check out this fun fact from the event! T3 Expo produced approximately 35,000 square feet of graphics which is enough to cover more than 12 full size tennis courts.

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