Ten tips to make your sales kick off a #shareablemoment

It is a good guess that if you work at a corporation in sales or marketing, you were working over the holiday vacation on your company’s Sales Kickoff meeting.

A Sales Kickoff meeting, also called SKO, is an annual meeting, (usually in January and February) for the entire sales team. The main objectives are to motivate sales representatives, managers and leaders of the company. The executive team and senior leadership usually outline the company strategy and celebrate the previous year’s wins.

Many times, these meetings set the tone for the next 12 months of a company – getting the entire organization fired up to hit goals, drive sales, and communicate specific messages.

Sales kickoffs also help boost morale, build team trust and rapport, and ensure that the entire organization understands the priorities and roadmap for the year ahead. Sales executives are briefed on updates and trained on new product offerings to be brought to market—especially in the technology hardware and software industries.

You want your SKO to be memorable, valuable and fun. (Don’t forget the fun). You also want your brand and message to come across in everything you do – from the presentations to the new product demonstrations to even the food and drinks that are served.

Here are ten top tips from T3 Expo to make sure your SKO is memorable and #shareable and that you are kicking the year off with the right vibes!

1. Don’t do what you did in 2005..

2. Don’t kill your audience with Powerpoint.

3. Give attendees shareable moments of your solutions from the customers’ customer perspective. 

4. Create empathy moments for sales to see what is in the mind of their customers when trying to buy a solution. 

5. Don’t create the “normal product showcases” -- instead create solution playgrounds for your attendees. 

6. Give attendees the tools to paint a roadmap of the future for customers. 

7. Provide opportunities for your channel partners and sales team to build new relationships: --such as 1-1 meeting rooms designed to bring channel partner-to-sales rep together in a ’speed dating’ fashion.

8. Embrace the support systems that exist across the company for sales enablement and field services such as marketing and other services with quality introductions.

9. Be ready to share your new, customer-facing content and sales tools so the team leaves fully armed and ready to attack.

10. Capture the important moments of the event with photos, videos or in a corporate broadcast so that the rest of the organization can understand the importance of company sales objectives.

Sales Kickoffs are great events for bonding and team camaraderie. It’s important that everyone in the company knows your message, and can support the sales team and the company with the goals that have been outlined for the year. It will keep everyone coming back for more when your sales kick off is a success – and ultimately generate more sales and revenue for the company.