Ten reasons we are thankful for our customers

This year, 2019, it was our 10 year anniversary in business! And, even though 2009 doesn’t seem like it was that far away, the world was definitely a different place. Shareable moments were just “becoming a thing!” No one was Snapchatting or Instagramming their dinners, because the iPad and Instagram did not even exist.

As we celebrate our 10th anniversary in business this year as a company, we want to dedicate this blog post to the 10 things we love about our customers. And, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, we want to remind our customers why we are thankful for them and why they are so important to us. Here goes…

1.) They trust us with helping them create their shareable moments.

2.) They see us as a real partner and make us a part of their team.

3.) They are great about sharing their experience and recommending us to others.

4.) They rely on our expertise to keep their events running smoothly.

5.) They have great ideas and aren’t afraid to tell us exactly what they want.

6.) Every time that they call us it is like talking to an old friend.

7.) They allow us to be as creative as we can be, a good reminder of why we started T3.

8.) They challenge us every day.

9.) They understand the importance and the relevance of events and shows.

10.) They are passionate.

Over our ten years in business we have been able to forge great business and personal relationships with our customers. We are excited to build more of these partnerships over the next ten years.