T3 Expo Unveils T3 Shipping

Today, T3 Expo launched its shipping solution for tradeshows and events, called T3 Shipping. It offers in-house shipping services for all T3 Expo events and replaces partner carriers at shows, while also offering personal shipping services to each customer.

T3 Shipping’s mission is to provide a trusted and preferred shipping solution for our customers’ shipping needs on all T3 Expo produced tradeshows and corporate events, and to add a valued and profitable service to the T3 Expo brand.  

In pilot since February 2017, T3 Shipping has already serviced 18 T3 Expo-driven events and has successfully conducted more than 200 shipments for customers. The company provides an always-on call center, a user-friendly application, and reliable service.

“This program maximizes the usefulness of our Eventgineers who are already attending an event and are onsite,” said Chris Valentine, chief executive officer, T3 Expo. “About 90 percent of the shipments we handle are from tradeshow and event coordinators who have a plane to catch in a few hours and need to get their booths, signs and other boxes shipped to a new location. We do the paperwork for them and make it easy to get this packed, loaded and shipped to the next destination.”

Many of T3 Expo’s shipping customers simply want a solution for shipping onsite. We provide a streamlined solution for all their shipping needs and will also provide customers with a “live person” to speak with regarding their shipments and details about the transaction.

T3 Shipping takes care of all outbound freight – making sure that shipments get to where they need to go, straight from the tradeshow floor.

The next phase of T3 Shipping will include securing inbound shipments, and providing clients with a fully functioning shipping service. Stay tuned… we are excited about this first step and look forward to being “at your shipping service!”