T3 Expo launches Scout

T3 Expo’s new tool Scout makes it easier to know what you need to stay open and/or to hold an event!

The T3 Expo Research and Design team has created the new tool for businesses to search the guidelines and resources needed for those that serve consumers and attendees. T3 Expo’s Scout is a searchable central repository for American’s businesses to know how to stay open safely.

The team gathered sentiment on how to open back up safely, and how to stay open, from those who focus their products/services on in-person experiences. These groups included show organizers, hotels, restaurants, retailers, education providers, automotive centers, residential/commercial services, salons, fitness centers and senior care facilities.

There has been information overload for businesses and it is difficult to know what information is right, what is outdated, and what is just wrong. As leaders in the events industry for 11 years, T3 Expo used our tools in journey mapping and our knowledge of physical structures, to ask the right questions to create guidelines. In tandem, we collected the data from states on their plans, rules and regulations across these verticals and update them on a weekly basis. The result is a search tool that serves as a company’s first stop to learn and monitor the varying regulations by state. Just like the definition of the word, our Scout tool allows you to search for information about events across multiple industries.

The research was conducted as part of the International Franchise Association’s response to the White House Working Group to reopen the country.  As co-chair, T3 Expo provided reopening and safe commerce guidelines for all sectors. And, now we can bring all of that information to our customers and to the industry.

To use T3 Expo Scout, simply click on the tile that best matches the industry represented, and you will be taken to that community.

Within that community, you will have access to guidelines, resources and products that help you successfully open, stay open and serve your customer base.

The site was designed for easy navigation and to act as a community page for those working within specific industries so that information would be pertinent. The current verticals that we are tracking are: Health & Wellness, Commerce, Hospitality, Student Learning, Workforce and Professional Learning and Events.

Included in this site is a link to all our product offerings that are required and/or recommended by different states – from floor decals and school desk shields to furniture, hygiene, PPE materials and signage. And you can search by industry to find what is the right solution for keeping your customers, partners, students and employees safe.

Leadership and creativity come in many forms and sometimes that means taking what you know and expanding it in ways you could never even have imagined. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced all of us to think differently, and to utilize the skills we have and put them to use in other ways. Events and other impacted sectors will come back stronger than ever, and we will be here to help guide you through – like a good Scout!