T3 Expo Celebrates CX Day!

T3 Expo is excited to celebrate CX Day today, Oct. 2. CX Day is a national day that celebrates the professionals and companies that make great customer experiences happen. It's an opportunity to recognize great customer work, discover professional development opportunities, and strengthen professional networks.

The Customer Experience is a critical part of T3 Expo’s business every day—and not just today! We are even excited to announce that we have done some amazing independent research on the customer experience that we plan to release in a few weeks. (Stay tuned!) Listening to our customers is the core of what we do – and the key to our success.

A few years ago, Gartner, an industry analyst firm, predicted that half of all consumer product investments would be redirected to CX innovations. What’s more, 89 percent of the companies surveyed said that they expected to compete primarily on customer experience.

We are in interesting times now. Customers care more about the experience they have with a company than they do about price or product. And, many say that it’s easy enough to find a great product for a decent price, but it is more difficult find a great customer-centric experience.

To celebrate the day, we interviewed T3 Expo’s VP of Customer Experience, Jennifer MacIver Edwards on the importance of the day and why CX is so important.

Why is CX Day important?

Customer Experience Day is a great day for organizations to stop and reflect upon what their customers mean to them on a very essential level. It is very easy to get caught up in growing, evolving or helping a business recover and to forget what actually built the business or will help it to continue to flourish.  More often than not, it is a balance of the experience your customers have, the experience you empower your employees to provide and the brand promise you humanize in the way you build your organization and the processes and systems that support it. 

Many think CX is the next differentiator for business, do you agree?

Customer experience is a strategy you apply to managing your business. It can absolutely be a differentiator for a business. It can either empower an organization to respond to market needs or a lack of customer focus can result in a business failing to respond to changing environments resulting in customers choosing other solutions.  It is essential to understand the market environment you operate in and develop your experience to be responsive.

What does T3 Expo do to focus on the customer experience?

T3 Expo utilizes a discovery process focused on uncovering the customer’s objectives, goals and outcomes we build these into the development of our solutions.  We are focused on building experiences that take into account:

  • Ease of use:  How easy is it for our customers to accomplish their goals?
  • Emotion:  Do our Customers feel good about the experience?
  • Effectiveness:  How difficult is it for our customers to get value from the experience?


What is T3 Expo doing to celebrate CX Day?

T3 Expo is joining the CXPA this year and is providing access to our teams to help further empower our organization’s continued focus on Customer Experience.  We are actively seeking out insight from our customers about their experience and how we continue to build upon it. We have recently spent time exploring with our teams how we each impact the customer experience.    

Great insight from Jennifer! We look forward to sharing more of T3 Expo’s thoughts on the customer experience in few weeks when we release our report focusing on the subject! Stay tuned.

Until then… Happy CX Day! A very hearty thank you to each and every customer!