T3 Expo's top 10 gifts for travelers

Still have some shopping left? We reached out to our T3 team to help give you some ideas for the traveler on your list. Read the top ten items that they said they must have while spending time on the road.

- “Reusable water bottle, filled with water, of course. Staying hydrated is essential when traveling.” – Alex Giassa, Director of Corporate Development: Que Bottle - $24.95

- “A good pair of headphones and a stockpile of podcasts. I highly recommend checking out some of the great stuff out there in true crime stories, how top business and brands became successful, or some great comedy channels.” – Greg McCormack, Vice President of Sales: Item: Bose Headphones - $349 - $249

- “Ekster tracker card is a cool device that uses a solar powered gps card to place in your wallet that pairs with an app so you never lose your wallet or bag again.” – Tim Heffernan, Chief Development Officer: Item: Ekster Tracker Card - $49

- “I always have my travel blanket that converts into a pillow. It is the best thing ever. It protects me from people that don't stay on their side of the armrest; it can become a lumbar support mid-flight, or; it becomes my super-hero cape whenever it's needed.” – Jennifer Lilla, Project Manager: Item: All-In-One Blanket - $29.95

- “Anker Portable charger, After a long day on the road being able to charge your phone or ipad on the go is a must!” – Maren Trask, Account Executive: Item: Anker Portable Charger – $29.99

- “A good toiletry bag. Mine goes everywhere with me so it needs to be able to hold up to wear and tear.” – Pete Crepeau, Director of Operations: Item: Herschel Chapter Travel Kit - $29.53

- “A neck pillow is a must have for the plane. It allows me to get some rest while I fly.” – Kerri Brainard, Graphics Account Executive: Item: Cabeau Evolution Neck Pillow - $39.95

- “I always pack a comfy cardigan. It is easier to take on and off depending on the temperature and weather and to pack in a carry on.” – Sarah Lilley: Item: Pranayama Wrap - $89.00

- “I love having a cord organizer. It helps keep everything organized and in one place while I travel.” – Laurel Ryan, Account Executive: Item: Leather Charging Roll Up - $49

 - “I make sure I have my ThinOptics reading glasses with me. They come in a pod case so they are easy to get to. I never have to worry about them breaking in my luggage or loosing them out of a pocket.” – Chris Hoffman, Operations: Item: ThinOptics - $19.95