T3 Expo Spotlights: West Coast Office and National Sales Manager Dan Merolla

With the addition of our WesT3 San Franciscot Coast office, T3 has been able to better serve our current customers, as well as our growing portfolio of nationwide customers. The momentum shift we are experiencing is incredible and there is a buzz in the industry around our expansion. The opening of our West Coast operations was prompted by the demand from our clients, who have been thrilled with the large-scale events that have been produced thus far, including The 21st Annual California Charter Schools Conference and the Amazon Web Services Summit 2014. We are excited for continued growth in our operations with many more big shows on the West Coast, with loyal customers like Workday, IBM, Amazon, and ServiceNow.

Dan Merolla, our National Sales Manager in the West Coast office, has contributed greatly to our growing client base, which is why we wanted to profile him in this edition’s Employee Spotlight.

T3 Employee Spotlight Questions – Dan Merolla

1. What excites you about T3 Expo and drew you to the company?

T3 Expo is a very innovative company, thanks in part to our management team which is incredibly knowledgeable about the conference and expo industry. While I have been in the industry myself a number of years, the bond I have developed with my colleagues is unique to T3. We work together like a small family and are always willing to lend each other a helping hand.

2. What is your favorite thing about the expo and event industry? And more specifically, what is your favorite aspect of your role?

As I mentioned in the previous question, I have been in the expo and event industry for over 13 years and have furthered my career in this industry because I really enjoy being a leader of a team, but more importantly, working with and alongside them to produce these large-scale events. When T3 opened their West Coast office in San Francisco, I knew this would be a great opportunity for me to bring my experience and knowledge to their team of experts.

3. What future innovation are you most looking forward to in the expo world, as well at T3 Expo?

I am really looking forward to seeing how booth properties and show management evolves. Twenty-five years ago, booths consisted of piping and drapes and were confined to standard registration units. Now, we are in the business of building ornate and large sculptures, creating booths that are functional, easily transported, and eco-friendly, while simultaneously trying to reduce costs for our clients. I am amazed to see how far we have come and am excited for the next round of innovations on all fronts.

4. Aside from being a talented National Sales Manager for T3 Expo, do you have any other (hidden) talents or hobbies?

In my spare time, I enjoy almost all sports and outside activities, especially swimming, hiking, golf and fishing. I was a fairly good baseball player when I was younger. However, my not so hidden talent and hobbies revolve around my wife and two children who mean the world to me.

For sales inquiries: sales@t3expo.com