T3 Expo Spotlight: Account Executive Manager Pam Mason

pam mason blog usePam Mason, our Account Executive Manager, has extensive experience in the expo and trade show industry and has greatly contributed to our growing number of successful, large-scale events which is why we wanted to profile her in this edition’s Employee Spotlight.

1. What excites you about T3 Expo and drew you to the company?

Prior to joining T3 Expo, Chris Young, Chris Valentine, and Nate Derby had a reputation for innovation and know-how within the industry. Once they started gaining momentum, it was clear by the clients they were signing on and the dynamic people they were hiring that it would be a great place to showcase and build upon my industry skill sets. Also, the creative properties, structures, and designs coming out of our warehouses are unparalleled.

2. What is your favorite thing about the expo and event industry? And more specifically, what is your favorite aspect of your role?

Even though I have been in the event and expo industry for the majority of my career, I am continually intrigued by the diversity of events, people, and venues. No single event ever mimics another, and we are constantly looking for ways to take our events to the next level…which never makes for a dull moment. In terms of my role, I enjoy interacting with all of my clients, as well as our teams. Working with my team to bring our clients’ goals to fruition is a rewarding experience.

3. What are some recent milestones you and/or your Account Executive team have accomplished?

T3 Expo has been in existence for five years, and in that short time, the team has grown to 50+ and is expanding by the day. Recently, the Account Executive team had our first kickoff meeting, and I was impressed by all of the talent in the room, the ideas they contributed, and the processes we put in place to ensure we exceed client expectations on a daily basis.

4. I’m sure the expo and event industry has taken you all over the country, maybe even abroad. What has been your favorite destination (country, state, or city, venue) thus far?

Though very different, my favorite locales thus far are Minneapolis in the summer and New Orleans in the winter.

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