T3 Expo puts the vision to work at Expo! Expo!

T3 Expo was hired in December 2018 to bring the IAEE brand to life. The Association had a vision for Expo! Expo! to extend the experience of its members onto the show floor.

T3 Expo was able to do that with an investment in new designs, colors and styles that carried throughout the show floor and into specific “stations” at the event. Everything was so closely aligned together that participants could tell it was part of the event.

“We work with large companies that have big events, but also scaled road shows, and smaller, targeted meetings, so we have learned how to brand big and small spaces so that every possible part of the event looks and feels continuous, for the same organizations,” said Chris Young, chief creative officer, T3 Expo. “It is critical to deliver those shareable moments for attendees. The goal is to ultimately get someone to experience something so interesting and meaningful that they feel compelled to share it with their peers or friends, like taking a selfie and posting it on their social channels. That is when we know we have succeeded.”

T3 Expo thought about how it could brand every part of the space for IAEE -- from the main entrance and lobby area to the promenade around the perimeter of the event.

“When we design key structures and elements we are always thinking about color and style – from the registration desk to places like the Vibe Lounge we created,” said Young. “We used basic structures sometimes but bring them to life with brand shapes, colors, type, imagery and other elements from the style guide.”

T3 designed blue and green hexagon structures and decorative elements which ran throughout the entire show. It could be seen at the front desk, on the show floor as hexagon graphics where placed along a path that would lead attendees from station to station – the silent auction, the IAEE Art of Show Awards area, the lounge, etc. Even the walls were washed with colored up-lighting as a way to envelop the space.  

One of the most popular locations during the event was the Social Media Wall. IAEE encouraged communication and sharing and the large LED display accomplished that and brought some fun and excitement to the event in real-time. And for those not on social channels, they were able to see what social can do and take part in all the pictures and active sharing.

Another extremely other popular engagement featured a small dog park and petting station near the entrance of the event. This was created to surprise and delight attendees and to make the first moments of the show as memorable and impressionable as possible.

Other key client areas included the Tech Start-up Pavilion, the International Partners section and the Pitch Competition area -- and, the office space pods were always occupied and provided a great place to take a call, catch up on work or just take a break—keeping people in the building and allowing them to take a breather from all the excitement.

Given this was the 90th year of IAEE and a significant anniversary for the Association, T3 Expo wanted to make 90 years come alive and recognize and celebrate the milestone. A timeline and physical “walk down memory lane” were created and was well attended.  

“Visually re-branding Expo! Expo! by using corporate design strategies to enhance the event allowed us to be very creative and think differently about all the stations we wanted to create, the flow of the attendees, and the experiences we wanted to deliver,” said Young. “Whether you are a 500-member Association or a multibillion-dollar corporation your goals and tactics are actually quite aligned. We are definitely finding ways to learn from one another and to create these shareable moments.”