T3 Expo gives back to school

It is back-to-school time! Today, schools in the Northeast part of the county will be the last schools to go back and hit the books. As part of heading back to school, parents have also been busy buying back packs, new clothes, sneakers and school supplies.

But did you know that more than 15 million kids live in extreme poverty in the U.S. and arrive on the first day of school without the supplies they need to learn? By partnering with several organizations, T3 Expo is helping to address this issue by directly delivering school supplies to students in need.

At T3 Expo, part of our culture is to give back to our community. Partnering with a local real estate firm, RE/MAX, we participated in this year’s “Stock the Box” back to school drive.

We helped fill hundreds of boxes and crammed them with notebooks, paper, pencils, pens, markers, crayons, backpacks, even boxes of tissues – all to help students get the most out of the coming school year.

This is the third annual Stock the Box program sponsored by RE/MAX, and the first time T3 Expo has participated in the program. It is a unique donation effort that collects hundreds of pounds of school supplies. This year, in addition to the help of T3 Expo, 19 other area businesses and organizations participated.

The school supplies were divided between two participating Massachusetts’ schools based on the number of students. All of the school supplies were delivered last Friday, so that students would have them for the start of classes this week.

As part of the drive, T3 Expo set up a box in its Lakeview headquarter office. The company set up a box in the office and emailed everyone at T3 letting them know that they could drop supplies at the box or send a donation.

T3 Expo donated over $300 worth of supplies to the program and some people from other offices even mailed donations into the office.  

In total we donated 100 notebooks, 50 pencil boxes, 24 pairs of scissors, 72 erasers, 154 pens, 8 calculators, 140 markers, 60 glue sticks, 34 packs of paper, 43 boxes of crayons, 33 pencil sharpeners, 360 index cards, 12 packs of paperclips, 25 packs of pencils, 26 packs of colored pencils, 6 packs of Kleenex, 100 folders, 5 packs of construction paper, 71 rulers and 21 packs of highlighters.

Congratulations and here is to a great year everyone as you head back to school!