T3 Expo and Trend Micro: A trusted partnership


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Every now and then we like to acknowledge a successful working relationship with a client that thrives on knowing what to expect.For the last three years, T3 Expo has provided client Trend Micro with a custom turnkey exhibit program. The program entails full 3D booth design, integration of custom-designed graphics into the layout of the booth, and full turnkey exhibit show services at all Trend Micro shows. Turnkey, in this case, means we (T3 Expo) design the booth, produce the graphics, configure the rental booth properties, and handle all delivery and breakdown services at the venue. Our goal? To ensure the client knows beforehand what the exhibit will look like, how it will function, and feels secure with the logistics of the booth and its implementation so they can spend their time focused on work. We aim to handle the details so you don’t have to.