Kill Stupid Rules #3 Cancel my order!

Kill stupid rule #3 is an interesting one and involves cancellations. We have all had our own experiences with cancellations – whether it is canceling a trip, a hotel reservation or even an order at a restaurant.

Imagine you are out to dinner and you order the chicken with a side of fries. But you change your mind, and a minute later you call the waiter over and let him know that you would rather have the steak versus the chicken. (Because after all, steak frites are awesome!) Before you get your steak and fries, you are not only charged for the steak and fries, but also half of the chicken, which you cancelled, never ate, and the chef had not even started cooking.

“Wait, what?” you say, “You didn’t even make the chicken yet; it isn’t even on my table.”

This is what is happening at tradeshows everywhere. It is a stupid rule that exhibitors are being charged for items, that they no longer need, or have requested a cancellation. For instance, if you ordered five bar stools, and weeks before the show realized you only need two, you will still be charged a fee for them. Why? The stools have not been put on a truck, they haven’t been put on the show floor, so why is the exhibitor being charged for something they no longer need?

T3 Expo does not do this to our customers. If you order something, and you cancel it before the show, we will not charge you for it. Charging for cancellations is a stupid rule. Let’s do the best we can this year to kill it in 2019. #killstupidrules. Who’s in?