Stop Forcing Your Customers to Buy from a Manual

This week at Expo! Expo! Chris Valentine, our CEO, made the observation, “In what other industry do you force your customers to buy from a manual.”  This was after Freeman observed that they still receive “over 470,000 faxes” in 2018, while discussing how to use technology to improve the customer experience. While there was a call from some to “shut off the fax machine,” we need to do a better job as an industry to ask ourselves, “Why the customer is still using the fax machine?” 

At T3 we are built in the cloud and we are passionate about listening, not dictating to the customer… especially when it comes to their experience. We recently released a new exhibitor ordering system software on our website that learns the customer and makes it easier for them to choose how they want to exhibit at a show. Our system, using proprietary algorithms, learns who they are and presents them choices for them to ease the process of building their physical presence at an expo that best represents their brand. 

In addition, we launched T3 smart service cases that brings the best of the retail experience world to our industry. Our product enables exhibitors to talk to us in whichever form of communication they chose, or in tech speak in an omnichannel way. Our system takes all customer requests and tracks them in one system, thereby reducing the friction of the transaction they are trying to complete. In addition to listening, we are using it to learn and build algorithms that improve the customer experience. 

We have already seen a dramatic improvement in using our combined systems. For one show in 2017 that has hundreds of exhibitors, we had 60% of turnkey booths that had not completed their order by 45 days prior to the show. Rather than sending them a manual, we dug into the data of our system, applied a unified data model and then built algorithms to reduce the complexity for exhibitors.  The result in 2018 was at the 45 day out mark, we only had 6 exhibitors that had not completed their order. 

Applying learning rather than forcing the customer to use outdated systems, that’s what T3 is working on. What are you working on?