Standing out in a Sea of Sameness

Innovating in a sea of sameness is an area that every company across every industry is striving to achieve. In the technology space the struggle to be different, like Apple, is constantly sped up by the technology lifecycle. The lesson from them and their tech brethren at AirBnB, Uber, Netflix and Amazon is to look to consistently change the traditional models of the businesses they are disrupting.  

T3 Expo has built its business around disrupting the trade show business model through creativity, service and price.  T3 Expo’s innovations stand-out in the sea of sameness – because everything starts with how to create sharable moments and memorable experiences for its clients by consistently going beyond the same ol’ same old.

Experiences create emotional connections that last long after an event is over and leaves those involved feeling inspired, energized and empowered. T3 Expo helps to design these Shareable Moments™ and as a result, has been able to reinvent conferences, tradeshows, and association meetings.

Last week, at the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) 2017 Great Ideas Conference 2017, in Orlando, Fla., association leaders and industry stakeholders met for two days of collaborative discussion around innovations, challenges and trends. 

The conference’s opening keynote speaker, Srini Rao, encouraged association professionals to embrace risk and crazy ideas to avoid becoming part of the “sea of sameness.”

“Innovative, creative, great ideas come from taking risks and refusing to play it safe,” said Rao, chief creative instigator at Unmistakable Media.

He continued to say that best practices are the enemy when it comes to innovation and creativity.

“But the most difficult thing about doing unmistakable work is that there is no math to it, there is no set of steps that we can follow to produce a particular result because the goal is not to replicate what’s already been done, but to create what’s never been created before in only the way you can create it.”

At T3 Expo, this philosophy is at the core of everything the company does – creating and designing a one-of-a-kind, unique, use of space, materials, furniture and signage! T3 Expo is known for starting from a blank canvas for each organization it serves. Check out some of T3 Expo’s case studies to see just what the company has done to leave its innovative mark.

If you are at ExhibitorLive next week in Vegas, please stop by our booth and we can discuss how to create shareable moments at your next event.


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