Have You Checked to See if You Are Paying for an Old Business Model?

T3 Expo was founded on the idea that transparency is paramount, and that same philosophy goes for our pricing structure. We wrote in a previous blog post about the cost of hidden fees and how it used to be common for contractors to have hidden non-disputable charges under the umbrella of ‘special handling.’ http://www.t3expo.com/about-us/blog/transparentpricing

This was done to hold onto the protected profit centers of labor and freight, and contractors added these charges to mirror costs they were incurring to maximize their margins. 

As the business of moving freight changed, the freight lines in their new business models, absorbed many of these costs; however the charge stayed to absorb the bloated cost structures of most contractors.

Our pricing strategy is one of a kind in the industry today. We do it differently! We built our cost structure so there are no surcharges and you pay for the actual weight of what you ship. This pricing structure has been the fuel of growth and change for our clients. It has allowed them to take budget and redirect it to the betterment of the show. Sounds great, right?  Here is how it works:

- Actual Weight Pricing: We're breaking industry standards by measuring by the pound, instead of imposing minimum weights and charging by 100-pound increments.

- No Freight Surcharge Fee: We don't charge extra for "special handling." We don't have "fuel surcharges."

- Labor by the Half Hour: We charge you for the labor you need - nothing more.

- 48-hour price guarantee: We'll confirm your budget within 48 hours of your order. 

We have created an infographic to demonstrate how it works. You can download it by clicking on the link below.

Don’t pay for an outdated business model when it comes to scoping your event. You aren’t still using a flip phone are you? Technologies change, models change and your company should expect change from its contractor too!