Predictions for the trade show industry in 2020

Now that we are officially in a new decade, and the start of 2020, there are many puns about having “2020 Vision.” We wanted to jump on that trend and provide our “vision” and some of our predictions for the events and trade show industry for the year ahead too.

The Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR), which serves to advance the growth, awareness and value of exhibitions and other face-to-face marketing events, recently reported that growth of the trade show industry had continued to increase during the third quarter of 2019.  If we continue to see this sort of growth then the industry would be on track to achieve its ninth consecutive year of growth for the last quarter of 2019.

This is very exciting and demonstrates that tradeshows are still the number one place to meet face to face, share business ideas and shareable moments and network with one another.

So, what is driving the growth?

We predict that growth is being driven by a few things that will continue into 2020 and associations and companies are excited about some of the following for the New Year!

1. Create Community Interest: Brands are about creating experiences and “activating” their brands. Shows and events allow a brand to come to life and booths will be about creating community, involvement and interactive moments for attendees versus just pushing out an organization’s agenda.

2. Lead with Creativity: More and more organizations are creating a wow-factor that is “getting everyone talking.” A creative booth can lead to word of mouth, generate buzz, drive social media postings, create visibility and brand awareness and influence Instagram-able moments that organizers want to provide. 2020 will be about creating all kinds of shareable moments.

3. Drop Special Handling: We predict that more events and show venues will drop special handling pricing that has hamstrung many organizations when it comes to budgeting for events. More money in the hands of tradeshow coordinators means more money to get creative, build bigger booths or to spend at another event.

4. Launch Branded Events: Associations will continue the trend of creating their own properties and events that will move an attendee through a journey and create a special brand experience. These events will be the manifestation of the brand coming alive.

5. Measure your Event: Brand owners will demand more analytics and begin to measure the quality versus quantity of their show-goers. Exhibitors will want the show experience to go beyond just the days of the event. Organizers will make the most out of their exhibition at a show and continue to connect with attendees.

T3 Expo has started to see some of these trends in 2019 and if we address them in 2020, we can certainly expect continued growth throughout the year. Let us know your thoughts? What are your predictions for the New Year?