Overnight Sensation: Success in Rebranding Two Tradeshows

When Salesforce set out to merge two events into one venue, during the same week, thus creating the largest single event they had ever held outside of Dreamforce, they asked us, “Can we make a flawless switch of the overall event branding, sponsors, and product demo zones overnight?” One word: Yes.

Over three days in June, two corporate events and more than 10,000 people shared the spotlight at the Javitz Center in New York City. Salesforce Connections—aimed at digital marketing professionals—turned into the Salesforce World Tour literally overnight. The latter of the two shows targets sales and IT professionals in many industries, thus an obvious need for the show, the space, and the details to be rebranded. This had challenge written all over it, but was something T3 Expo felt confident they could pull off given proper planning and execution.

And when we say everything had to be changed, we mean everything.

 Each show had a different vibe, therefore all structural pieces, kiosks, floor graphics, and registration areas had to be completely switched. In fact, with the influx of more people at the second show, T3 needed more floor space and therefore had to increase its size by 35% to allow for more attendees. All exterior graphics had to be changed from Salesforce Connections to Salesforce World Tour branding. The carefully orchestrated effort included pre-building and staging structural elements and additional product demo or educational zones, changing from single-sided demo pods to double-sided, and a 100-foot wide “kabuki drop” which revealed an additional 30% of expo hall containing additional exhibits as well as product demo and educational zones. T3’s patented magnetic panel system allowed the graphics on structures to be rapidly switched, and was a critical component to the success of the overnight rebranding effort.

Chris Young, a co-Founder of T3 says the massive rebrand had to be done overnight due to the first show’s evening reception held at the close of the event. “We had to wait until every guest was gone before officially moving on to the next day’s show, then we got started. It took us all night to get it done, but we did it.”

The 6:30 PM – 7:30 AM overnight rebranding switch went off without a hitch, and just like that, all visual remnants of the first show were completely gone by the next morning.  Both shows were hugely successful and even attended by some famous faces like The Roots, who joined their Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon, retired New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter and DJ Casey. While it was a challenging three days for the T3 team, it’s also extremely satisfying to see two totally different shows excel in just three days without any design, space or tactical problems. A true feat for T3 Expo and another accomplishment we are happy to have achieved.