T3 Expo launches Event Safe™ and is open for business

T3 Expo is open for business! But, guess what? We never closed. We have been working hard during the past four months since the global pandemic hit and many events were postponed, canceled or went virtual. We have been helping to support our clients, associations and the industry overall as we all adjust so we can get back to safely enjoying events once again.

Recently, we launched Event Safe™, a service offering that includes the guidelines and blueprints for helping support the safe reopening of events, conferences and trade shows.

As experts in building the physical manifestation of brands, we have been working with the state and the federal governments to use our knowledge to help keep people safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. First, through our work in aiding the Jacob Javits Center Convention Center in New York City to construct hospital beds and then with the International Franchise Association (IFA) in response to the White House Working Group to reopen the country.

Leveraging that knowledge, we have been uniquely positioned to help businesses, events and other operations open safely. With our Event Safe™ offering, business and associations will have the guided support to conduct in-person events as safe and attractive as ever. The Event Safe™ guide will help prepare organizations to open safely and still maintain branding while delivering the shareable moments that everyone is still craving.

From our inception nearly 11 years ago, we have always been engaged at every level of an event – from delivering upfront elements of the show design and floor layouts to coordinating with labor and the unions, to the loading docks, set up, break down and shipping. With decades of experience in the event’s space, we are positioned to help clients and venues plan for a safe event in the new COVID-19 reality and can help support clients on how to optimize space, how to create the safe flow of people and how innovative design and structures to bring an event together in an organized and safe way.

The Event Safe™ concept begin with designs for things like signage, floor plans, structures and individual show areas. It flows to ensuring that a clean and safe production and fabrication process reassures that surfaces and structures are assembled, packed and shipped in a clean manner. And, the Event Safe™ program focuses on everything from advanced warehouses, to managing loading docks, labor teams, cleaning schedules and adjusting work schedules.

Show hours or specifically expo hours may have to be adjusted, and certain age and risk groups may be given their own time slots at events. Our team is ready to help clients and the industry rethink all these details including restroom access or even seating for food and beverage services.

Our detailed and step-by-step Event Safe™ guide and process will ensure that not just attendees, but show organizers, sponsors, venue staff and labor are all accounted for as part of a safe plan for clients.

In addition, we have been working with our client and partner, IFA to form a report for submission to the federal government, which was an aggregation of reopening guidelines across all 50 states that can provide recommendations to businesses across multiple industries on how to safely reopen and conduct commerce. We co-wrote the report that derived best practices and perspectives from franchise business leaders across hotels, restaurants, spas and salons, automotive, commercial services, residential services, senior care, fitness and education.

“Event Safe™ can provide the tools to stay open for businesses and Associations with more options than just canceling or postponing their event or converting them to digital platforms. As we eagerly await the decision that is 'all clear for events,' it is imperative for organizers to brace for the new normal and thoroughly assess all their options that make sense to help them achieve strategic objectives,” said Tim Heffernan, chief development officer, T3 Expo. “One thing is for certain is that in-person events will not disappear, but companies will have to redesign, build and host events in a different way.”

Whether a client has increased its leased space by 40 percent, or they are reducing their attendance targets by 60 percent, we can guide them through what venues are expecting and what events in the new era will look like.

“Change is inevitable and we will see that across the events industry with trends such as Plexiglass dividers, hard wall structures for booths and registration lines that require social distancing markers on the floor,” added Chris Valentine, T3 Expo, CEO. “Whatever the changes, our Event Safe™ program can help clients get back to creating safe events that provide value and some fun too.”

For more information about T3 Expo’s Event Safe™ program, please call us at 833-698-3397 or reach us through our contact form https://t3expo.com/get-in-touch

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