Creating a personalized omnichannel experience

Creating a great customer experience is key for any show, and T3 Expo makes sure that we implement that concept through our omnichannel customer experience approach -- made up of individual customer touch points, and over a variety of connected channels. What does this jargon mean? It means you get to pick and choose how you want to be serviced and can pick the experience that is right for you!

An omnichannel experience is one that is flexible and scalable and uses different deployment models. So, you can reach out to us via your preferred method of communication 24/7 and we will take care of any potential questions/issues quickly.

Here are some examples:

You can send a message to a representatives onsite –over text message or over email. They will get the message and respond with your request—whether it is to hang a sign or provide a wastebasket. We will get it done and allow you to communicate in whatever method you prefer. We know our clients are busy!

You can go to the service desk and chat with someone. Not comfortable with technology – go talk to a human being because we have those onsite at our events too! We can get done what you need in a personalized way.

We aim to please how you want. A true omnichannel experience. We got your back.


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  • I think, we must make good relation for any customer in order to they also use our services. if i am in your job. I will use many profesional worker to do my project.

    I will give full service for any customer, I want to set project planning to save cost and time.

    Before we get this project, we must present the project to client nicely.

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