Kill stupid rule #2 no round ups!

It is 2019; and a new year is here. Many of us have established our resolutions and they are in full swing. Losing weight has always been one of the top New Year's resolutions.

Imagine you are at your first Weight Watchers meeting, and you are asked to step on the scale. The scale reads, 235 lbs. The organizer looks at you and says, “OK 300 lbs.”

You look at him in awe because the scale did not say 300 lbs. He just tacked on 65 extra pounds. What? That doesn’t seem fair!

This is just an example of what the trade show industry has done forever, and it is a stupid rule. If you have a shipment that weights 235 lbs., the industry will round it up to the next hundred and you will pay for a shipment of 300 lbs. Just like at the Weight Watchers meeting, you have an extra 65 pounds tacked on.

Charging by the “hundred” weight and rounding up to the next hundred pounds is often done and has just been an accepted practice. T3 Expo has never done that to our exhibitors and customers. It is a stupid practice that provides no value.

Why not just charge the exhibitor/customer for exactly what the weight of the item is? The rule is stupid; it has no customer value; it is archaic and old. So let’s kill it in 2019!

Pay for what you have; pay your weight. No round ups -- in Weight Watchers or in trade show shipping! #killstupidrules