Need Ideas? We got them!

This week marks the official end of summer for most of us and the start of fall. Vacations may feel like a distant memory. Kids have been back at school for some time. We are also in the final days of the third quarter. Before we know it, the end of the year will be here and marketing budgets will be finalized for 2017.

But what if you haven’t planned for the future and you are now going into the fourth quarter of the year with budget anxiety about next year? You are not alone, and T3 Expo is here to help!


Events and tradeshows can be complex. A large part of that challenge is identifying how much to budget and how much you can and want to spend.

We love to plan, create, bring transparency and unique design options to every client and event. But, we also have moments when our clients just don’t have the time to sit and plan with us. And that is OK- we can alleviate the anxiety that can come with the feeling that you need something done and you need it tomorrow (or even now!)

So, T3 Expo created the “Idea Kit.”t3-idea-kit

The Idea Kit is a guide for planning an event with us -- it doesn’t just have to be used at the 11th hour. It contains many of our most popular branding, decorative and functional products. And guess what? We even list the prices available, because transparency is just as vital as creative design.

We are always thinking about our clients and what they need, because we have been in your shoes, sat in your seat, been there! T3 Expo will help you make your event a sharable moment and a shareable experience.