T3 Expo and NAEC looking to elevate the game

If you live in the suburbs, you probably don’t interact with an elevator very much -- maybe at an event, or at a hotel. But if you live in a City – New York, Boston, LA, Chicago, -- or work in a downtown, where the buildings rise into the sky and are built vertical, you are grateful that elevators exist and function properly.

The National Association of Elevator Contractors (NAEC) makes sure that the elevator industry is up and running constantly and a few times of year, various companies, vendors, parts suppliers, contractors and thought leaders in this space get together to discuss this booming industry.

The Association was started in the mid 1940’s as an informal summer meeting that brought Montgomery Elevator Company managers and their independent distributors together for an annual weekend of relaxing and casual discussion of their mutual problems. More companies were eventually invited and the gatherings began to grow. This meeting expanded in 1944 when Montgomery invited Security Fire Door, The Peelle Company, and Elevator Supplies Company to attend.

It was officially named the National Association of Elevator Contractors in the 1950’s during the group’s annual gathering. Charter members included Berman-Kern Elevator Company, Wright & Mack, Hunter-Hayes, Mobile Elevator & Equipment Company and Lamps Elevator Sales & Service.

Today, in its 69th year, NAEC’s membership totals over 730 businesses. The Association has grown substantially because of its volunteer leadership and the programs that have been formed to insure the NAEC’s members are continually updated on the latest advancements in education, technology and core requirements within the industry.

And the industry is experiencing a major growth spurt right now! Take a look at construction going on in today’s cities. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, in December 2017, the construction industry added 30,000 jobs. The Commerce Department says that construction spending is on the rise -- up a record $1.257 trillion as of November 2017. Reports also show that overall growth is expected to rise 11 percent by 2026- focusing on an increase in project managers, civil engineers and glaziers. Predictions say that equipment operators, elevator installers or repairers and masons will do better than 12 percent.

Given the predictions for growth in this space, T3 Expo was thrilled to win the contract to support NAEC in 2019. The NAEC event currently features exhibits of all sorts including different parts, suppliers and vendors who interact in the elevator industry. The organization asked Greg McCormack, CEM, T3 Expo, to speak at its 2018 NAEC spring conference to prep their attendees for what is to come and also to survey them on what is important for the future of the Association.

T3 Expo highlighted its unique pricing model (see blog that links to our pricing http://www.t3expo.com/about-us/blog/pricing2 ); spoke about how the company creates engaging exhibits for show attendees and; how associations can really enhance and increases their visibility in the new “shareable moments” age.

The organization was excited to speak with T3 Expo because it spoke about more conceptual things like the changing events environment and demonstrating value and connection with others. McCormack also shared with the audience that show attendees want to go back to their colleagues and demonstrate that what they experienced, they could not have done so sitting at a desk or on their couch.

“It isn’t good enough any more to just hand out product brochures; exhibitors need to appeal to all senses, and deliver an emotional connection,” said McCormack “We are already underway with our September 2019 planning for NAEC in Grand Rapids, MI next year, and we can’t wait. But meeting with members at the spring show was really helpful.”

T3 Expo’s Chris Palfrey also presented at the event for 30 minutes to the crowd and then opened it up for questions, such as, “what would you like to see from your contractor?” T3 Expo also will conducted a survey to really get down to the core of what exhibitors want when they are at the event. Check out that blog post too http://www.t3expo.com/about-us/blog/t3-expo-hosts-executive-leadership-forum-and-unveils-survey-results

After 65 years, change is always good and the goal for the NAEC is to grow the event and to increase the number of business owners, general contractors and high-tech engineers (including those focused on advanced technologies such as the Internet of Things -IoT) to attend the show.

Palfrey said that there are many adjacent industries that are now overlapping with the event given the advancements in technologies like automation, IoT, and big data. This is definitely changing the landscape of the show a bit and making it more of an attractive place for building executives and younger, tech-focused professionals to attend.

“We are already hitting the ground running,” said Palfrey. “It is an exciting industry to support and we look forward to making the show one to remember—and shareable for all attendees. We are have already pressed the up button -- straight to the penthouse.”