May: A Month of Momentum

T3 Expo has seen significant growth in the numbers of clients, customers and employees with each new year and 2015 is proving to be no different—especially the month of May.  The first month of spring has always been a busy time for the industry; end of second quarter, last month of the fiscal year for many companies and travel is generally unencumbered by weather.

But what is creating this particular “monthly surge” within the industry? T3 Expo says that in addition to incremental growth, this year in particular large players like Salesforce, Amazon and Workday have increased the frequency and scope of their corporate road shows, thus raising the overall number of T3 events in May.

“Our industry has seen a spike in new corporate events and these customers are looking for unique products, strong event knowledge and heightened capabilities. We have been able to fill this demand. Both Spring and Fall have traditionally been peak seasons in the event industry, but we are finding May is becoming increasingly popular for our newer corporate and association clients,” says T3 Expo’s Co-Founder Nate Derby.

Over the last year, T3 Expo has added a slew of association clients to their roster and even opened up a Washington, DC office to establish a personal presence in the heart of the non-profit association community. With corporate events having a much shorter sales cycle, T3 Expo is required to operate within accelerated planning cycles, which means higher levels of response and execution. In most cases, smaller corporate events are more demanding than the larger tradeshows which enables us to leverage our industry-leading capabilities and proprietary design skills to perform beyond our clients expectations at their association trade shows. Derby adds that “we are also able to offer our association clients the insight and event techniques T3 has developed by working with some of the most successful corporations in the world. This is an exciting time for T3 Expo in the association market.” Sounds like it!