Kill stupid rules in 2019

Ever hear the excuse, “that is how it has always been done,” and wonder why? Ever wonder who made of the rules and why they exist? Ever wonder if some of the stupid rules we all follow are just that – stupid – and they need to be done away with?

T3 Expo is embarking on a mission to kill stupid rules. These are rules in the tradeshow and events industry that we have all just blindly accepted, followed, agreed to and adhered to over the years. Why? Who knows!

We are here to share that we are killing stupid rules that provide zero value to the customer. Killing stupid rules is not a new thing. Corporations have been trying to get rid of things that don’t make sense for as long as we can remember.

Take a look at the Forbes piece that was run a year ago that suggested that every office have at least one rule that they get rid of, such as mandatory meetings and reports or protocols for expense reporting or hiring. The piece suggests that rules should simplify the things we do every day and not make things more complicated. Isn’t that what we are all after—simplicity?

If you could kill or change all the stupid rules that get in the way of doing your work or better servicing your clients, what would they be? Well, we have a list!

T3 Expo is killing some stupid rules that have applied to the tradeshow and events industry for as long as we can remember. We are killing stupid rules that were established by industry suppliers to reduce their own risk. We are killing stupid rules that take away from the customer experience (CX).

We have outlined ten different stupid rules that we are killing or have already killed and plan to tell you what they are; how they are stupid and; how they are no longer rules for T3 Expo. Stay tuned for 2019 and our exciting blog series on the topic!

We are here to shake it up. So sit back, and watch the sparks fly. And if you have an idea to kill a stupid rule let us know! #killingstupidrules

The first rule we will focus on in the New Year will be about special handling. Stupid rule? You bet!