Kill Stupid Rules #4: Paying more for one foot of carpet

Inquiring minds want to know a few things like, why do hot dogs come in packs of 10, and buns in packs of eight? Or why do trade shows only offer 10’x10’ booths but offer only 10’x9’ carpet for the booths?

First the answer to the hotdog question! (And a clip from the movie Father of the Bride to give a full explanation

Why, do hot dogs come 10 to a package while the buns come in packages of eight? The simple answer is that meatpackers sell by the pound and most hot dogs weigh a tenth of a pound. While buns are typically baked in eight roll pans. Great answer; but, why haven’t the manufacturers gotten together on this issue to coordinate?

We asked the same question about the carpets that are available at events for trade show booths. Most event organizers sell booth spaces in 10’ x 10’ increments, yet many general contractors sell 9’x10’ carpets. So in their standard booth package, exhibitors only receive a nine-foot carpet in a 10x10 booth; and in order for an exhibitor to cover 100 percent of their booth, they have to pay an up-charge for the extra foot.

Why do exhibitors pay full price for their booth carpet but only get 90 percent coverage? This is a stupid rule!

It reminds us of those packages of cereal, cookies or chips that now have fewer products in them and more air! Somewhere in the sales and manufacturing cycle, a controller figured out that the consumer packaged goods industry could save money with more air and less popcorn or chips in a bag. What if you rented a club chair at a pool, but had to pay extra for the cushion? See, this is sounding more ridiculous with every example, isn’t it? And it isn’t very customer-centric!

T3 Expo thinks that charging clients for the extra foot of carpet is a stupid rule. When a customer orders a carpet with that extra foot, it is considered ordering a “custom carpet” for the booth.

Some general contractors charge up to 40 percent more for that extra foot (a 10x10 carpet versus a 9x10 carpet). This is a very expensive purchase to close that one-foot gap in your booth.

If you want full coverage, T3 Expo will provide it. All our carpets are the same fee! We get it! No one wants an extra gap, or extra hot dogs without buns, or a bag of chips that has air. We want it to sync up; we want what we pay for. We want symmetry and coordination!

So let’s kill this stupid rule! On the tradeshow floor and in the grocery store too.