Kill stupid rule #1: special handling

T3 Expo killed special handling years ago! Why? It was a stupid rule. We decided years ago when we created the company that we didn’t want to charge extra for special handling. It was created by the industry solely for profit and provided little, if any, value to the exhibitor. And, everyone just accepted it. We are excited to talk about it as the first stupid rule we are killing in 2019, and why we never accepted this practice.

We suppose there was a day where the rule had some validity to the industry. A machine show that needed a lot of work around unpacking and unloading items; or when big moving trucks used to come to tradeshows with multiple trailers that needed to be unloaded. But today, the rule is stupid. It has become a place to try to extort profits from a customer, to layer on a rule that brings no value and actually diminishes the value of the entire event.

Special handling often applies to any piece of freight that is by itself on one load -- for example, Fed Ex (many shipments/one delivery). It also applies to any piece on that shipment that is not on the floor. For example, if a crate is stacked on another crate - wham - special pricing on the entire shipment. The way a shipment was loaded is often out of the control of the customer. But other vendors still are charging the customer 25% - 50% to the base price as an additional cost to unload the entire shipment. Stupid rule!

“When we started T3 Expo, we heard from one of our exhibitors at a large technology company that he couldn’t effectively budget for his tradeshow because of the special handling charges that are applied,” said Chris Valentine, chief executive officer, T3 Expo. “This executive said he was considering not attending tradeshows anymore because his budget wouldn’t support the unforeseen costs, and many contractors lacked the transparency on the extra special handling charges.”

“It is not value based and it is a front that has been hurting our industry. T3 Expo was founded on building great customer experiences and putting the customer at the front from the start. So we never did this,” added Valentine.

Special handling. Stupid rule. Killed forever. Just an unjustifiable expense.