How to travel like a pro this summer

Many of our T3 Expo team members are true road warriors. And, when they are not traveling for work -- setting up the latest and hottest event somewhere in the U.S. -- they are traveling with their families and friends for fun.

The summer is one of the busiest times of year for travel to get away to the beach, mountains, Europe or even to grandma’s house. According to AAA, two-thirds of all family travelers (68 percent) will embark on a summer getaway. We asked our team of travel experts and road trippers what their number one tip is for a successful travel experience and how we can benefit from their time on the road. Check out some thoughts below:

  • “Check temperatures at destinations.” - Matt Vieira, Operations
  • “Bring Lots of Money and Credit Cards.” – Rick Baptista, Operations
  • “Bring a wet bag. Keep one in your car or suitcase, but don't forget it. No one's bathing suit or gym clothes ever seem dry in the humidity. It doesn't need to be fancy - ziplocs work if that what you have.” Jennifer Lilla, Project Manager
  • “Book early morning flights. The most delays and cancellations occur in the summer (not winter) because of weather and the increased number of travelers. By booking the first flight out, you are most likely to not be delayed!” - Tim Heffernan, Chief Development Officer
  • “Weather can unexpectedly change, so travel light and with layers. Knowing how to pack properly really helps.” Alex Giassa, Director of Corporate Development
  • “It's amazing what you can pack into a carry-on bag. Pack efficiently and you can save money with the airlines and time at the airports.” Greg McCormack, Vice President of Sales
  • “Always dress in layers - you can bundle up on the plane and remove them once you land in the heat.” Kasey Webb, Project Manager
  • “Pack plenty of snacks.” – Pete Crepeau, Director of Operations
  • “Always pack different types of shoes and blister guards just in case.” Kerri Brainard, Graphics AE


Hopefully these tips can make your summer travel a bit easier! We look forward to seeing you out there on the road, on the trains, planes and automobiles.