Going green is still a thing

It was reported several years ago that tradeshows generate about 600,000 tons of trash every year, and produce massive amounts of waste and carbon emissions each year as well. According to MeetGreen, the typical conference attendee creates more than four pounds of waste and just under 400 pounds of CO2 emissions per day.

The tradeshow and events industry has definitely been growing, and recently has experienced its best years ever—with the number of shows taking place around the world, and the number of attendees at the shows.

Before the industry even started to experience this growth spurt, it had been discussing how to minimize the huge environmental impact that was taking place, and for ways to lessen this impact. Sustainability issues have certainly become a core value for more companies, and the events industry is now following suit.

Over the years, we have witnessed more and more companies offer information about products and services electronically, while participants navigate their trade show experience with mobile apps built for shows – instead of the press kits, papers, brochures and maps of yesteryear. The advantages are clear that this will produce less garbage and save some trees in the process.

Tradeshow contractors, like T3 Expo, have also been figuring out how to reuse and reduce show graphics and signage by working with companies that take show banners and signs and create new items such as duffle bags and backpacks. The company has also implemented for its clients digital signage, eco-friendly booths with recycled materials, and has even used scrap to produce booths instead of throwing materials away.

T3 Expo’s technology has also gone green. Take a look at its Presta magnetic wall technology. The technology is known for its quick set up- in six seconds to be exact. But, it is also easy to break down and pack. This lends nicely to packing, shipping and freight. The more you can pack into the back of a truck, the less trucks are on the road driving materials and booths from location to location.

If the entire industry focuses on being sustainable and green—and puts forth a concerted effort to reduce the waste produced at trade shows and industry events- we will clearly have more than just great instagramable and shareable moments ahead.




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