Globalization: Changing World Views, Changing Events

When we founded T3 Expo in 2009, we had big plans for the company, but never anticipated that we would be producing events abroad so soon after our inception.  In the past five years, we have traveled extensively and have had the pleasure of working in North America and Europe, including Toronto, Vancouver, Davos, London, Copenhagen, Dusseldorf, Munich, Paris, to name a few, making our passports as important as our gang boxes.

picture t3

Our success overseas has much to do with our expertise in designing brand experiences, operations and logistics combined with the growing demand for global corporate events and trade shows.  Having a global presence is something we’re proud to offer our customers, but we are also seeing a greater demand industry-wide for conferences at international meeting venues. New research from the International Congress and Convention Association also confirms this trend. Associations Now reports that the growth streak started after the 2008 financial crisis and has continued through 2013 with 11,685 association events taking place in 2013, with the ICCA listing the US and Paris as the top choices for event venues.

Not only is the total number of events up from previous years, but budgets and attendance for those events are on the rise, too. According to a 2014 Marketing Challenges International survey, 40 percent of association executives reported increased budgets and higher attendance at international events from the previous two years.

We understand the critical components that go into planning large-scale events and are excited to continue supporting this trend both here and abroad. Next stop, Salesforce1 World Tour in Paris, then Munich. Bon voyage!