Get Creative about Creativity

As our global economy rapidly changes, a general capacity for thinking critically, innovating, and creative problem solving is vital. Last year, the World Economic Forum’s latest Future of Jobs report stated that by 2020, creativity is expected to be the third most valued skill up from tenth place in 2015.

Being creative means taking risks in the fear of the unknown. Creative thinking means training your brain to start thinking in a way that is unique, daring, and fearless.

Since our inception, T3 Expo has always been called “Creative.” We have always talked about how creativity is the new currency in today’s business environment.

One of our clients recently said the following to us at a show, “T3 Expo’s design was beautiful and had an impressive look and feel. They just seemed to do things different. Everything T3 Expo did had a custom look and feel. It was not out of a cookie-cutter box, but cool, clean, innovative, modern –different.”

T3 has many creative problem solvers that use this ability. We always try and take our clients, partners and associations in a new direction—often demonstrating that it pays to stray off the beaten path. It is what we have built our business on, and what has brought about success over the years.

“T3 does things differently and has really mixed up and disrupted the Tradeshow industry, in a positive way – using new and unique techniques to succeed. They aren’t like other companies. You don’t have to go into a cube or a floor plan. This is what makes me want to stay, it makes my life easy and my exhibitors life easy,” added the client.

Discovery, Deliberation, Design and Deliver are our four components to how we take our clients through the creative process. It’s how we reach that ‘ah-ha moment.’ Above is a nice graph that will show you how it is done, what we think about and how our brain works -- because creativity is everywhere—even in the creative process.