Employee Spotlight: Pete Dorson

Pete Dorson Head ShotT3 Expo prides itself on its employees. We aim to bring only the most talented and thoughtful team  players to design, build, and sell award-winning exhibition and event space to our customers. With  that, we are very excited to announce the most recent addition to our team. Meet Pete Dorson,  Director, New Business Development for Exhibits, Events and Environments.

Pete has been in the tradeshow industry for two decades and is a veteran and true expert at his craft.  He will be responsible for all custom exhibits for T3's clients and we are so excited to see the kind of  innovation he brings.

Pete will also be managing a new Twitter handle for T3: @T3Exhibits. Come  follow us there!


And get to know him a little better through his Employee Spotlight:


How did you get started in the expo and trade show industry? Can you provide insight into some of your past experience?

I was working at a university theater and suddenly found myself with a family and in need of a ‘real’ job so I went to the Exhibitors show with resume in hand and got a job in Las Vegas for a trade show installation/dismantle contractor. In that position I learned the industry literally from the ground up. After working in I&D, I joined a small general services contractor as a field service manager and account executive and started learning  the General Services Contractor side of the business as well as how to sell.  From there I worked as an Account Executive for an exhibit fabricator who opened a new office in LV. All this in the course of 4.5 years.

In the meantime, I knew the owners of a scenic studio back in Boston who were doing more trade show work (and losing money at it) so I reached out to them and with my new skill sets, they brought me back to Boston to help sort out their trade show exhibit work and sell the full array of fabricating services for museum exhibits, large sets for corporate events, broadcast environments, lobby displays, corporate interior branding and millwork.

What motivated you to join T3 Expo?

During my time at the scenic studio, I met Chris Young and we fabricated several booths for T3. I was completely enthralled with their new attitude toward trade shows and events; if you make it affordable, folks will do more of it. It’s so simple but so powerful. I dealt with the “other” trade show general contractors extensively while in Las Vegas and during my time at as a fabricator and knew of the abuse and lack of real value for the monies being spent.

How has your first week been at T3 Expo? What do you like most about your job thus far?

Fantastic and I’ve dived right in looking at new business opportunities, solidifying some vendor relationships and making plans for rolling out new exhibit offerings for the upcoming year. Everyone is incredibly happy and nice here! It is an infectious feeling. We work hard, always keeping the client’s needs front and center, and enjoy what we do.

What is the most unique custom exhibit or structure you have created or been a part of?

It’s a tie between an exhibit in the lobby of a pharmaceutical company that features origami cranes made from thank you letters from cancer survivors to the company, and the Vistor’s Station at the DeCordova Museum.

Ten years from now, where do you see T3 Expo in the general service contracting space?

We are creating the new paradigm and I see us as taking over large industry segments of the business, tech in particular. We will also be in other “spaces”: Executive Briefing Centers, lobby displays, pop up retail, corporate theater, special events - anywhere that branding and people converge in a real and tactile way.

What do you do when you're not selling T3 Expo's Custom Exhibits?

I am on the board of Improv Boston, a non-profit comedy theater and improv school. I’m an avid surfer and snowboarder as well as a slightly overzealous animal nut.