Employee Spotlight: Pete Crepeau


Pete CrepeauT3 Expo is constantly growing and adding incredible tradeshow superstars to its staff. Our newest employee is Pete Crepeau, a veteran in the industry.

Pete joins us as Director of Operations and brings many years of expertise and knowledge to our team. We are so excited to work alongside him and thought you might want to hear a little more about his background in his Employee Spotlight interview below:








  1. How did you get started in the expo and tradeshow industry? Can you provide insight into some of your past experience?


I started in the industry in college in 2004. I did volunteer work for shows in Providence from 2004-2005 and worked part-time at special events at the International Tennis Hall of Fame in Newport, RI. In 2006, I had a class in college with a professor who still worked for Champion Expo while teaching and she helped me get a job there in Operations as an intern later that year. I worked for Champion for five years, until we were acquired by Freeman. During that time period I started as an Operations Assistant fulfilling my obligations as an intern and then became full-time later in 2007 as an Operations Supervisor where I continued to assist operationally with our planning and implementing of shows and events. By 2008, I was operationally running my own shows in Boston and the local area, and in 2009, traveled nationally as an Operations Manager nationally to major cities like New Orleans, New York, Dallas.

After Champion was acquired by Freeman I chose to leave after a few months to work at a local business near my home. After about eight months, I was asked to return to work for Freeman as an Operations Manager in Boston in 2012, and then became Assistant Director of Operations for Freeman's Boston branch for two additional years, largely running shows in Boston, Providence, Hartford, and Springfield, MA.






  1. What motivated you to join T3 Expo? What is your title and job description?


I’m so thrilled to join T3, to be close to home, and work with a team of people to help grow an exciting new business. I've been very happy here and feel like I made a good move. I was motivated to join T3 to work on something that would be appreciated, and continue the momentum we could build upon. I knew my ideas would be appreciated here, and we are at a stage where the decisions we all make on a daily basis have an impact on all of us here. That's an important and exciting thing to think about every day, and when you like the people you work with and you like what you do, it keeps you motivated each day.

Currently I am Operations Director. On a daily basis I generate load lists, help schedule trucking and logistics, make labor calls for each city we do business in, work with vendors on purchasing/renting equipment and materials for our events, and organize the day to day activities of a show. I go on-site for the events as well to help run the day-to-day activities.






  1. What do you enjoy most about your role at T3?


Right now, I enjoy building on the solid foundation that those working here now have created.  I enjoy being a young company that has ideas, foresight, and enthusiasm for the future. I think we all work on the same day-to-day challenges of producing the highest quality events under tight time constraints and maintaining budgets.






  1. Do you have any funny or interesting stories to tell about your job, industry or traveling?


I never get star struck seeing/meeting celebrities or athletes, but always have said that I would get excited to meet U.S. Presidents because of their historical impact. In my time traveling to shows, I've met Al Gore, and had the opportunity to listen to and be backstage with two former presidents - Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. Very interesting and exciting for me.






  1. Where do you see T3 Expo 10 years from now?


10 years from now I see T3 Expo being a name in the business that people think of first for event production. I'd hope we would be opening more offices, and operations throughout the country and putting more people to work for us. I think those are two of the greatest measurements of a successful company: do you think of us first, and are we a company hiring consistently due to growth.






  1. In addition to your passion for the events industry, what are some of your other hobbies and/or things you like to do in your spare time?


In my spare time, I like to stay physically active. I enjoy going to the gym early each morning, going on walks/hikes with my wife and dogs, running with them down by the beach and sneaking out to golf on a Friday afternoon! Currently, I also stay busy getting ready for my first child who will be born in May. I renovated our house two years ago, and now it looks like I have some more work to do this winter.