Employee Spotlight: Patrick McGlynn


As we growPatrick McGlynn our team here at T3 Expo, we are committed to attracting a diverse array of talent that will only strengthen what we offer to our expanding client base. We are continuously adding incredible employees to our team, and our newest trade show superstar is Patrick McGlynn.



Patrick joins us as an Account Executive and brings more than 10 years of industry experience in a variety of roles. He has a wealth of knowledge to share and has a positive attitude when fulfilling clients’ wishes and requests. We are excited to work with Patrick and want you to get to know him a little better with his Employee Spotlight interview below:








  1. How did you get started in the expo and trade show industry? Can you provide insight into some of your past experience?


Actually it is kind of funny; my career of a landscape designer was my entry way into the industry. About 12 years ago I was volunteering for my company for an Association at a tradeshow, when a neighboring company lost their exhibit designer due to illness, and they asked me to step in. For the next few years I was designing their booths, which ranged from 200sq feet to 15,000sq feet, in shows all over New England. I later earned a Bachelor’s degree in the field and the rest is kind of history. Through the years I have worn many hats: working the marshalling yard, the service desk, being a shipping representative, working the sign shop, being a floor rep, operations lead for areas and being a freight manager. Although I am now an Account Executive, I am never scared to go back and fill in on one of these roles to make an event or show successful.







  1. What motivated you to join T3 Expo? What is your title and job description?


When the opportunity arose it just felt right. I watched the company grow over the years and was impressed by their dedication to their clients and innovation in their products and booth design. The high level of products and services they offer to clients of all sizes is uncompromising to any other company in the industry. I saw a company that was doing something different, innovative, and above all, they care. They care about their employees, clients and exhibitors. Working here, I feel like my opinion and input matters and I am not just a number among the masses. They provide the tools necessary to get the job done.

I am an Account Executive, or as we like to call it at T3, an Eventgineer. I take clients wishes and make them come true, working with the necessary departments within the company to successfully produce tradeshows and corporate events, not only in the United States, but internationally as well.







  1. What do you enjoy most about your role working at T3? Have you overcome any challenges?


Honestly it is hard to name one thing. I love getting up and coming to work every day. The most empowering attribute about my job is having the support of Chris, Chris, and Nate behind me; they are always there for me and my clients.  It is an honor to work for a company that values you and your opinion.

I haven’t had to overcome any challenges. Walking in the door on my first day was like coming home. I was surrounded by amazing talent that I had worked with throughout the years in my career. Everyone was willing to help with any of my questions or point me in the right direction. Although, I have only been here for a short time, it feels like I have been here for years.







  1. Do you have a funny or interesting story to tell about your job, industry, or traveling?


Looking at this question brings back a flood of memories that I hold close to my heart. I have walked in on the morning of a move-in to see a ballroom covered with six inches of confetti from front to back, with only six hours to move in the show. Then there was the time I moved out a show during the middle of a building strike.  There are other times where you just step in and help a client where they need it; obstacles and situations we face in our job create memories and relationships that last a lifetime.







  1. Ten years from now, where do you see T3 Expo in the general service contracting space?


I see T3 Expo being a powerhouse filling a void in the industry many have been looking for. Here, clients don’t just feel like a number; they feel like their business is appreciated. T3 Expo’s high level of dedication to clients and true innovation will be hard to match by other competitors. They are, and will continue to be the trend setter on innovation and uncompromising service.







  1. In addition to your passion for the events industry, what are some of your other hobbies and/or things you like to do in your spare time?


We have spare time in this industry??? My biggest passion for the past 25 years was horseback riding. Unfortunately, in my past job I had to give it up, and sold my horse because of the lack of time to dedicate to it. Hopefully in the coming year I can change that and get back on the saddle. Other than that I like to spend my time outdoors hiking with my dog, working in the yard, cooking dinner parties or just relaxing on a beach somewhere. And for those who know me I like drinking my martinis.