CX Day is every day at T3 Expo

T3 Expo celebrated CX Day this week, Tuesday Oct. 1. It is a national day that celebrates the professionals and companies that make awesome customer experiences happen. The day is an opportunity to recognize great customer work, discover professional development opportunities, and strengthen professional networks.

Although CX Day has come and gone, keeping our customers happy year round is the pillar of T3’s success. It is critical to thank our clients every day and not just once a year when CX Day comes around.

How do we recognize CX Day all year long? There are a few ways we do this!

We Listen: Similar to last year, T3 will be unveiling some independent research on the customer experience that provides some valuable insight on what we have learned from working with and listening to our customers throughout the last year.

We Acknowledge: We make sure that every year we celebrate our clients by submitting awards to organizations such as IAEE on our clients’ behalf that showcase our partnership together and the great work we all  do to bring their brands to life at events and shows throughout the year.

We Discover: T3 Expo utilizes a discovery process focused on uncovering the customer’s objectives, goals and outcomes, and we build these into the development of our solutions for each customer. We never stop discovering how are clients are evolving, what their goals are and how we can support them.

We Build Experiences: We are focused on helping our customers build experiences that hit on their objectives, address their brand and make their organizations come to life. We make sure that these become shareable moments for our clients.

Customer Experience Day is a great day for organizations to stop and reflect upon what their customers mean to them on a very essential level. It is very easy to get caught up in growing or evolving a business, and to forget what actually built the business or will help it to continue to flourish. 

We hope you had a chance to celebrate CX Day this week, and you raised a glass to yourself and your CX colleagues! We look forward to sharing more of T3 Expo’s thoughts on the customer experience soon, when we release our second annual report! Stay tuned.