Customer Service Model Part 3: Execution

We have discussed in our previous blogs how critical it is to create a standard operating procedure for our clients and the importance of the Customer Service Model to delivering an amazing, shareable and unique event. In this blog series, we have outlined how discovery and design are the first two key elements to a successful customer experience. The last phase of the model is Execution.

Execution is about the planning and serving of the meal, the clean up, and a discussion about how it was prepared and tasted. It is about making the event come to life through production, shipping, onsite labor and service. It is taking everything we have learned in our discovery and design process and making it all come alive.

Part of the execution piece is to also establish key production milestones and deadlines, as well as discuss the customer service plan leading up to the event. This includes both onsite staff and remote support staff.

One of the first steps when we get onsite for an event is to hold a kickoff meeting with all the stakeholders to identify roles, communicate chain of command, and address any outstanding concerns. Depending on the scope of the event we may also recommend additional steps such as daily visual progress reports by area.

We also take notes throughout the event to see how the brand came alive and how it was experienced and expressed during the show. These key event metrics are reviewed both internally and with the team with the goal of identifying areas for improvement. This is also a good time to discuss what worked well. We will also together a list of “dos and don’ts” for the following year and the next show we produce together.

These results then feed into the discovery process and the Scope of Work for the following year and creates a circular process with the goal of continuous improvement from show to show.  

T3 Expo is always looking to improve and give our clients the opportunity to provide feedback. The goal of any show and for every client is a unique, exceptional customer experience. If anything doesn’t feel right we have a safe place to reach out and express any concerns. If you want to flood the our inboxes with compliments, we take those too!

We hope you enjoyed reading about Customer Service Model, the process for success and why we believe it is a critical differentiator for T3 Expo and our clients.

We also believe in this quote from the America author and writer Robert Collier, “Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day-in and day-out."