5 Steps to Great Customer Service

We live to provide amazing customer service to our associations and clients. We have created a five-step process to ensure we are delivering from the get-go!

1.) Discovery: Our Discovery process is about onboarding and finding out what our customers really want and need. It is about listening!

First we create a framework around a series of meetings designed to learn about our clients. From these series of meetings we discover what are the unique sets of challenges of the event. These challenges are what we call the “high-stake areas.”  These are this little nits that have caused issues in the past, and if not done properly can cascade into deeper problems for the event, attendees and management.  We also delve into the unique personalities within the team, and match the right clients with the right Evengineers who complement the client’s strengths and weaknesses.  

2.) Work Outline: From Discovery, it is on to the work outline where we create a unique work outline that starts with a team structure and then augments it with a T3 Expo Eventgineer team.  Each one is dedicated and matched to a particular client and is designed to perfectly align to that team.  From this structure, our clients know who their “go-to” people are and our Eventgineers' learn whom to ask for in order to make the event easier to navigate for everyone – and reduce any extra work. We ensure that the account leads know the work outline and that objectives are aligned between us.

3.) Project Plan: From the work outline of people married to process, we create the timeline of events needed to execute the event.  This includes what are the milestone and goals we need to meet to ensure success.

4.) Customer Journey: After the plan is delivered, a dedicated Eventgineer is aligned to a stakeholders identified during our Discovery process.  It starts with feedback on the plan, and then working briefs against the items identified in the plan.  We make this process come to life through scrums that include constant refinement of the plan through scoping work, reviewing, giving feedback and developing the respective initiatives. If something is deemed out of scope or requires a change that was not in the original project plan, we set it up for review; adjust timelines and; re-prioritize work and budget. We then adapt the plan to incorporate it into the event. This all occurs within T3 Central and our face-to-face meetings that we have with our clients.

5.) Safe Critique: Wrapped around all for this is our “safe critique,” which is a process for our clients to provide feedback through T3 Eventgineers who are not on the account about the team of Eventgineer performance. This kind of “360” feedback enables us to help correct any misunderstandings the client might not feel comfortable telling their day to day team directly.

By following this process we have ensured the highest level of execution for our clients.

Great customers service is one of the most important things we can provide to our clients. Everything begins and ends with the customer and their satisfaction.

So keep these top five things in mind – and deliver some world-class customer service to some happy customers today!