Celebrating Labor Day and our Eventgineers

This weekend, many of us in the US will celebrate Labor Day, a dedication to the social and economic achievements of the American worker. This national tribute recognizes the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country.


At T3 Expo, we wanted to recognize all of our great workers, employees and partners. Through our Eventgineers, we have been able to support hundreds of companies, events and shows around the world since our inception in 2009 – creating shareable moments, connections and experiences!

Take a look at everything our Eventgineers are able to tackle and accomplish in the video link below.


At T3 Expo- everyone is an Eventgineer—and they are the heartbeat of our business. Each person is continuously committed to listening and finding solutions that make a customers’ event experiences better. This strategy has yielded the unique business models, technologies and award-winning designs that have come from our people.

Through our Eventgineers’ innovative service, experiences and technologies have been created that tens of millions of people attend every year. This industry was largely starved of innovation. During the great recession, our people found ways to best disrupt the industry through creating and implementing highly-efficient design, production and distribution which leverages the latest technology to deliver results, on-demand to help clients meet and exceed their show goals.

Through the years, our nation has created more of an emphasis on Labor Day to celebrate the workforce. This weekend, we celebrate our workforce - the T3 Expo Eventgineer! Thank an Eventgineer today.