Branding On-demand

In 2015 when Salesforce set out to merge two events into one venue, during the same week, creating the largest single event they had ever held outside of Dreamforce, they had a crazy request for T3Expo, “Can we make a flawless switch of the overall event branding, sponsors, and product demo zones overnight?”

One word: Yes.


You may have read this story already. And, many would think that it is an urban legend. But, T3Expo actually made this happen and a new level of performance on the Salesforce World Tour was achieved.



Brand On Demand1


Salesforce Connections—aimed at digital marketing professionals—turned into the Salesforce World Tour literally overnight. The Tour has become one of the most respected and popular events where passion and excitement around Salesforce runs deep. The event takes place in multiple cities around the world and features an array of resources, localized content and fun activities to help customers and prospects succeed on Salesforce and network with the Salesforce community.

Brand On Demand 2

More than likely, a Salesforce World Tour is coming to a city near you. If it does, you will have a chance to see how the company’s event came to life using T3Expo’s clip, snap and on-demand technology called Presta™ Magnetic Panel System.

You can also see Presta™ in action this week if you are in San Jose, Calif. at NetSuite’s largest annual conference, SuiteWorld 2016. The conference is designed specifically for NetSuite customers, partners and developers. It kicked off on Monday, May 16 and runs all week - - hosting about 8,000 attendees.


Brand On Demand 3


The Presta™ system is a T3Expo patented technology that allows clients to install panels to a 20-foot wall in six seconds; yes, SIX seconds!

It allows for rich wraps, textures and seamless graphics to be assembled quickly because it is built on the same standard metal frames that trade show laborers are accustomed to using. With Presta™ Magnetic Panel System clients, like Salesforce and NetSuite, can witness a show come together in record time.


BrandOn Demand 4


Presta™ Magnetic Panel System really delivers the magic. Check it out!