A Guide to Your 2021 Event Style

Hybrid/Blended events will be all the rage in 2021! Yes, you heard right, that is our prediction. Why are we so excited by this prediction? Because we have all spent 2020 perfecting how to implement a hybrid / blended event. We have discussed how make it fun, interesting, rewarding, worth the time and we are excited to share with you what we have learned. Here are a few styles to try on. Which one is yours?

Broadcast Style: Consider an interactive broadcast style conversation between speakers and panelists from anywhere in the globe. Virtual product demos can be shared in a customized branded virtual environment in real-time too.

Entertainment Style: Live private concerts for your targeted customers is so cool! Engaging and interactive branded social media filters for optimal event engagement can be a great way for everyone to share on Insta (because we all miss sharing.) Consider a game show style dynamic content too.

Virtual Style: Dedicated sponsorship opportunities on a home page is a way to generate visibility for your brand. An attendee self-navigated virtual journey with access to different levels of content will give your attendees more control over their experience. You could complete the overall involvement with activations, product showcases and exhibitor demos.

When you implement any of these kinds of ideas, you can also try on Emotional Insight + Impact. When you implement this into your hybrid event, it is easy to get a detailed analysis of the emotional response to certain language, themes and content for overall target population and by segment for your event. When you measure the impact of emotionally optimized campaign/ experience on brand affect and improvement in trust, brand preference and consideration this will allow you to develop a detailed post campaign/experience driven by emotional impact analysis and assess the emotional KPIs defined.

Cool right? So what is your 2021 style?