5 Tips for Trade Show Exhibitors

Springtime across North America means many things including flowers, birds chirping and warmer weather. However, to those of us in the events industry, it means our season is in full swing! As we enter one of the busiest times of the year, here are five pieces of advice for trade show exhibitors. 

1. RIGHT PLACE, RIGHT EXPERIENCE: Go beyond booth design, create an environment that not only makes your brand pop, but gives off an energy that will make attendees gravitate to you to get the conversation started. It is about creating those shareable moments.

2. AFTER THE SHOW IT’S THE AFTER PARTY: Marketing pre and during the trade show is obvious but post show follow-up will create the magic touch that converts your leads into clients. Didn’t your mother teach you to write thank you notes?

3. PUT YOUR MILLENIALS TO WORK: Social channels are a great way to promote your brand at trade shows and these channels are often underutilized or mis-used. Call on your Gen Y people to snap a few pictures, create a live feed over Facebook, tag, and post – and watch the likes come rolling in. This will no doubt put your brand in the digital spotlight. 

4. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER: Attendees at trade shows are looking to be educated on trends in their industry, and report it all back to the powers that be back at the office. Take the opportunity to engage with your target audience and establish a connection over promoting self-serving content. 

5. GLOBAL THINKING, EVERYONE’S DOING IT:  Integrate your trade shows into your overall marketing objectives for a cohesive brand message. When you plan and market your whole show program for the year, this will set you and your team up for success.