4 Days into 4 Minutes - A Sneak Peek at What Goes into a Tradeshow

A lot of work goes into producing our clients' tradeshows. A lot, and we love every second of it. We thought it would be fun to document the efforts of our hard-working staff from pre-to-post show by taking a time-lapse video.

This video shows set-up to break-down of the American College of Foot & Ankle Surgeons Conference 2015. You'll see the entire progression of the empty floor to full live event and back to empty floor.

4 days compressed into 4 minutes.


And to sum it up, this show featured:

- hundreds of exhibitors,

- hundreds of posters,

- thousands of attendees,

- thousands of boxes and crates,

- thousands of hours of labor,

- thousands of square feet of graphics and decals,

- thousands of square feet of carpet


And tons of fun with a great show and great client. It's fun for us to watch too and reminds us why we love doing what we do at T3 Expo!