2021 Habits

2020 has been a year of change for all of us. Most of the changes that have occurred have been in the routines and habits of our day to day life. Some of these have been for the better, helping us improve our life by slowing down or breaking bad habits. We asked our T3 team what new habit they have started in 2020 that they hope to carry into the new year.

“We are cooking so much more at home.  I'm hoping we keep that up in '21 since we've really enjoyed it (most days!).” - Rainey Richards Schwab

"The only constant in life is change.” - Heraclitus  This is the only thing we can be sure of. I’ve learned to get comfortable pivoting my way through life, just riding the wave.” - Marisa Pacheco

“I have left my cell phone in the kitchen to charge overnight.  I don’t wake up and immediately read email in the middle of the night or before getting out of bed in the morning.!” - Claudine Simard

“The amount of time I have been spending with my family (either in person, zoom or setting up regular phone calls). Also having regular Zoom or facetime nights with my friends that have all live in other states has been great!”Sarah Lilley

“In 2020 my family and I have adopted a new system to fold and put away laundry within 24hrs! Hopefully we can sustain it when life goes back to “normal.” This year I have realized that I try to do too much, and therefore am always behind. In 2021 I plan to says “No” to more than I can handle.” - Jocelyn Souto

“One habit that I would like to continue in 2021 is slowing down and spending more time with loved ones”Laurel Ryan

“Some of the habits that I developed last year are that I would include for the new year are: Sticking to a routine, making lists and prioritizing items daily, and taking Linked In Learning classes.” - Brittny Lyons

“One thing that I have learned in 2020 and hope to carry forward is letting go of the things I have no control over!”Sarah Besse