Is 2017 the year of the trade show?

Is 2017 the year of the trade show? If T3 Expo and its Presta™ Technology have something to say about it- definitely! The company is just coming off of a very successful exhibit at ExhibitorLive, held at the Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, where it featured its innovative Presta™ Technology – which is having an impact on the industry like no other. 

And, this is an exciting time to be having such a positive influence because the future is looking bright for the trade show industry overall.

Recently, Exhibitor Magazine released results of its 2017 Economic Outlook Survey. Exhibitor Media Group, a leader in trade show and corporate event marketing education, conducted the survey and it polled 400 professionals in the industry about predictions for 2017. According to Exhibitors Magazine’s Editor Travis Stanton, the results reveal many reasons to be optimistic about the year ahead.

One-half of respondents have tentative plans to purchase a new exhibit in 2017, with 26 percent reporting definite plans to do so. Plus, nearly nine out of 10 survey participants are confident that their trade show programs will achieve better results this year than last, citing everything from better execution to enhanced lead tracking and fulfillment capabilities as justification for their optimism. 

Additional data indicates that 48 percent of respondents are maintaining their 2016 trade show budgets, while 29 percent are receiving increases. Meanwhile, 79 percent describe their feelings about the economy as “optimistic” or “hopeful,” marking an increase of nine percent compared to last year. 

With all the talk around 2017 being a successful trade show year, T3 Expo is seeing clients take an interest more and more in technology solutions like Presta™

“We created the T3 Presta™ technology because we knew there had to be a better, easier more thoughtful way to creating trade show booths and delivering customized but flexible experiences for our clients,” said Chris Valentine, chief executive officer, T3 Expo. “We have completely rebranded an entire trade show overnight for some clients with this technology—a request that would have been impossible using traditional tradeshow tools and systems.”

Presta™ is a Magnetic Panel System that allows labor to install panels to system structures instantly with a click. Workers can cover an 8-foot high by 20-foot wide wall with graphics in six seconds. This innovative approach creates flexibility in design and allows for stress-free, last minute changes by clients. 

Last minute? Stress-free? Six-seconds? Get ready for T3 Expo to change the industry forever.